Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Match Made in Heaven

Yesterday I unexpectedly discovered my next hardcore crush in of all places the news paper! No I wasn't creepily stalking the classifieds, I was casually flicking through the pages and a prime example of a perfect partnership appeared right before my eyes. An alluring image of vintage meets modern design a....Jukecase!

A two-tone custom designed Jukecase

Instantly I fell in love with it's beautific appearance and genius concept. This portable sound system by 'Son Valise' is the cutest mod con and nostalgic combo going round, and has gone straight to the top of my ever growing wish list. I haven't had the pleasure of viewing one in the flesh just yet, but plan to loiter around the latest collection of them in admiration at the next 'Rose St. Artists' Market' 

Friday, 27 January 2012

Artisanal Fostering

One of the most rewarding experiences of motherhood for me is witnessing the wide eyed curiosity, naivety and untamed perceptions that my children have. They possess such raw imagination and are constantly delivering ruthless questions fuelled by pure thirst for knowledge. Experiencing and sharing art through their untainted interpretations and creativity is such a pleasure!
A Wander through the Mclelland Gallery and Sculpture Park is always an interesting affair and especially with my children in tow. There is a collection of over seventy works on display and the setting accompanied with the scale of the magnificent sculptures is just perfect for captivating the youngest of art fans. Such utter engagement is difficult to capture in a photograph... 

The Frankston Arts Centre holds a fabulous workshop called 'Hot Arts for Cool Kids' each school holidays. The program offers kids the opportunity to explore there creativity through a variety of processes avoiding structure. They get to let loose and utilise a variety of materials, mostly recycled, to create there very own masterpieces. The artworks from the recent workshop were exhibited in the Cube 37 gallery which was very exciting for the eldest baby beatnik indeed!

Non-profit organisation the 'Reverse Art Truck' is perfect for stocking up on recycled art and craft supplies. They rescue materials that would otherwise be put into landfill and supply them to community groups and the general art and crafting public. You can fill up a bag of goodies and feel super proud that you are supporting eco friendly resources. Spending a couple of hours poking through all the bits and bobs to stock up on is half the fun!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Cheers to the Chinese New Year!

Beginning with 'The Eve of the Passing Year' and also known as the 'Spring Festival' The Chinese New Year marks the end of winter in the traditional Chinese lunar calender. The mythical traditions, customs and astrology of the Chinese New year are so lovely and intriguing, yet I wouldn't give up the joys of vino guzzling amongst well wish hollering of the western version for the world!
The refresh button of the new year is a welcome little splash in the face and pep up that refocuses me in my direction on the road of life. As for annual resolutions, I am a fan and think it is best to organise them in three parts: Must, Feasible and Pending. One of the delights of the 'Lunar New Year' celebrations is the beautiful and majestic lantern festival!

     "To attract good fortune, spend a new coin on an old friend, share an old pleasure with a new friend, and lift up the heart of a true friend by writing his name on the wings of a dragon"   Chinese Proverb

Handmade Christmas Ornaments
Love these cute little handcrafted paper lanterns by Mellissa Summers at Alphamom 

This stunning Chinese New Year dragon arrangement was created by one of my local florists, Ivett from Pick a Flower.
An absolute wowzer of a table piece!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Vintage Bliss!

If I was to say randomly disappear... before thinking the worst, like all mysterious missing person case thoughts, one could safely assume I would be happily tucked away in this little retro haven - 'The Vintage Shed and Emporium!' Located in the antique hot spot of Tyabb is an unassuming hide away bulging with handcrafted goodies, beautiful fashion pieces and vintage wares. I had the pleasure of scouring through the space this weekend, and in the midst of ogling nostalgic curios I got to meet some lovely like-minded people and take some happy snapshots. Vintage bliss!

Tempting... just one more brooch for the growing collection...

A hat a day keeps the bad hair at bay!

Sweet little Shirley Temple.

This piece is by Lyn of 'French and Vintage Chic' a clever and crafty lass and women of my own heart. Lyn designs, constructs and revamps frocks from vintage fabric and crochet doilies. An eco friendly and exquisite range.

Tea cups and retro canisters are my weaknesses."Yes Mr. Beatnik my dear, I most certainly do require yet another sugar canister, one just can't be sweet enough!"

Old school telecommunications cute enough to entice you to install a land line.

One afternoon just isn't enough time to discover all of the amazing collection of rustic treasures that 'The Vintage Shed' has to offer. So I just may have to orchestrate that temporary disappearance!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Mornington market yummies!

The Wednesday just gone the baby beatniks and I went for a wondrous sticky at the Mornington Peninsula Main Street market. The weather was happily spirited and the street was booming with lots of holiday makers swooning over all the delights that were on offer. On arrival a feast of Poffertjes(a.k.a Dutch Pancakes)was priority number one and lucky for me the youngest kiddo needed a little assistance polishing them off....nom!nom!nom!

Here's some of the beautific things we came home with:

Gorgeous handcrafted jewelry. Ring from Bedros Designs.

The badges a welcome addition to my collection that I have attached to my recently handcrafted crochet doily cushion.

Also stocked up on my fave Aussie made botanical soap containing pure plant oil and all natural ingredients. Palm oil used is from accredited sustainable plantations. They are also petro-chemical and sodium lauryl sulfate free. My absolute fave would have to be the Lemongrass and Lemon Myrtle. Zesty fresh!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Live your dream and share your passion!

Love this, struck a cord with me and relates well to my new blog! Thanks to the 'Yoga Tree Elsternwick'

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Beatnik in Bloom

Well here is my first little blog entry, the birth of my flower child. A journey I am very excited to begin! Beatnik Flair is an idea I have had floating inside me for some time. I heard the terms within a Spiderbait tune and they have stuck with me ever since.
The history of the 1950's beat culture interests me, and the materialism rejecting, non-conforming and creatively expressive attitudes of the Beat Generation are values I am drawn to. Yet.... in saying that there are lots of  beautiful things I am attracted to in the present material world also!
Is it really possible to have equilibrium of such contradictions? Hmmm well lets just say I have an appreciation for a vast world of beautific things, whether it be bohemian ideals or a dream pair of Jimmy Choo's!