Wednesday, 20 March 2013

'Mad with Joy'

'People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us.'
~Iris Murdoch, A Fairly Honourable Defeat

Yesterday I was mad with joy surrounded by flowers because it's that time of year again....Melbourne International Garden and Flower Show time!

This year it was nice to just go strolling soaking up all the inspiration with out the pressure of competing, and to cheer on a couple of friends who created some amazing pieces.

The show is on until Sunday and full of eye candy as always. Go along and check it out and you'll be 'mad with joy' too.  
More to come next post, but for now go have a real life squizzo for yourself, you'll be just 'joyless mad' if you don't. 

Monday, 18 March 2013

Good Green Things!

During a little holiday in sunny Queensland we had the fab experience of attending The Eumundi Markets. Eumundi is a charmer of a town with an amazing market full of yummy food, stunning artworks, natural therapies and loads of gorgwaa boho things!

Another impressive element of the market is the communities commitment to reducing their impact on the environment and creating a sustainable shopping experience. They have a well promoted recycling system, are plastic bag free and stallholders use compostable packaging. They even have a worm farm managed by the local school to deal with all the waste of the many market goers and tourists that trapes through this divine place.

Go Eumundi you good green things!

Sunday, 17 March 2013


Who's met CLARENCE ? Or even better who's met 'Bobilee Shahine'? A sister in the hood of bloom loving doing it for herself! During last years flower school day trip out to the 'Gerb' farm yes I've uttered the 'G' word again, we stopped by 'Clarence'. A deliciously unique florist in Healesville that gets me all giddy with excitment just reminiscing about it! Clarence has a mix of amazing blooms, unique arrangements and gifts combined with vintage finds - insert elated opera sung aAAAaaah here! Owner 'Bobilee' is a a great example of the type of floral designer I like. Fab taste, full of personality and kicking commercial blah to the curb! Total shop crush!

The images below are of the shop front and some of their stunning wedding work. Swoonalicious!

It's frowned upon...

Something unspeakable has charmed me in a floral sense. A commoner, an average Joe, a variety of an uncool Kind. What hideous bloom am I rambling about? goes... I'll admit it... I fell for a Gerb! Yes a Gerbera! Thousands of them in fact! I know it's frowned upon florally if you want to have any point of difference from a commercial blah florist, but I was sweet talked by a field of them, and oh I don't know how... but somehow we hit off. But it's true! As uncool as it sounds.

It was last year when my flower school class and I made the trip out to the Gerbera Farm. There I was, swooning over a sea of Gerb faces in all their glory and abundance! Who would of thought me the Gerb snob head over heels for them? 

 The Big Bouquet Gerbera farm which is situated in beautiful Healesville of the Yarra Valley, really is worth a squizzo if you get the chance. Haters be warned though it may sway your Gerb judgement and just like me you may be eating your usually Gerb despising words.

Mr.Beatnik has only just given up bringing home the odd bunch Gerbs due to me telling him for quite a few years that they were super gorgwaa in like... the early 2000's. Heee! Forgive me, I am a fussy bloom lover at times!

Although, now, I may just keep an open mind to their potential. There I said it! Sorry if I made you vomit. Turn away if you must. Gerb converted I can't believe it!