Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Beatnik in Bloom

Well here is my first little blog entry, the birth of my flower child. A journey I am very excited to begin! Beatnik Flair is an idea I have had floating inside me for some time. I heard the terms within a Spiderbait tune and they have stuck with me ever since.
The history of the 1950's beat culture interests me, and the materialism rejecting, non-conforming and creatively expressive attitudes of the Beat Generation are values I am drawn to. Yet.... in saying that there are lots of  beautiful things I am attracted to in the present material world also!
Is it really possible to have equilibrium of such contradictions? Hmmm well lets just say I have an appreciation for a vast world of beautific things, whether it be bohemian ideals or a dream pair of Jimmy Choo's!

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