Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Sustainable Living Festival

A little while back the 'Baby Beatniks' and I took a train ride to visit Fed Square which was where The Sustainable Living Festival was being held. It was a fun filled day with lots of eye opening and helpful insights into leading a more sustainable and eco way of life. The 'Baby Beats' really got into it as there were lots of fun things to do! Highlights were the utterly delish organic coconut ice cream, the Bike 'n' Blend experience and meeting Costa Georgiadis. Who I have to add, was super busy yet kind enough to take the time to meet and chat with us. He was very interested to hear all about our veggie patch, worm farming and the goings on of our newly acquired hens 'Florence, Ethel & Glady'. 'Mr Beatnik' the gardener is a big fan, and the little people were bursting with excitement to tell him all about their chat with the famous 'Costa' upon coming home.

At the end of the day we walked away inspired by all the passionate people involved with the festival as well as lots of new ideas to do with sustainable living.  We also had some realisations and revelations about the systems of the world we live in today and how we as individuals can make a difference. 

A lovely lady who had a stall in the 'Green Market' section explained to us how harmful plastic toothbrushes are to the environment, and how sustainable and affordable Bamboo is the way to go. I've never really thought about it, but zillions of toothbrushes made out of plastic are going into landfill taking forever to breakdown. So off we went with some new bamboo toothbrushes, along with some of my fave natural soaps and a few other cool eco knick knacky bits. Best of all though, the 'Baby Beatniks' absorbed some really invaluable knowledge on ways we can live sustainably. 

Super cute 'POP UP PATCH'

Planting veggies in biodegradable pots with Permaculture Out West

Bike 'n' Blend

'Costa Georgiadis'