Thursday, 31 May 2012

Talking Teacups

Teacups talk to me...they tell stories and send sweet images of tranquil tea drinking times into my thoughts. They tell me to buy them, they tell me that they will get along nicely with my existing collection, and they tell me my friends and I will sip happily from them, indulging in good times with warm tea filled bellies. Trouble is I had to tell my teacups something harsh but necessary the other day and reveal it was time to let a few of them go.

The collection got a bit out of control last year when I was organising a High Tea event for a Cancer fundraiser. All the sudden I needed to increase the quantity of my teacup stash and took on the task quite hastily. During this episode of frantic teacup sourcing a few ugly ducklings made their way into my collection and well they just had to go! I'm sure Mr. Beatnik does not mind one little bit that a few pieces of crockery that are taking over the house have been sent on their way. Me either as it is creating sufficient space
 for more quality teacups that will talk their way into my home in the future!

There's just something truly special about sipping from a beautiful teacup don't you think? It just adds to the peaceful experience of the ritual. Even if I am sporting crazy bed hair, hideous... yet warm bed socks and the Baby Beatniks are biffing cereal at each other at the breakfast table, I possess a sense of calm and carry a ladylike posture prompted by a gorgeous teacup in hand.

Did I just waffle on about teacups for three paragraphs?

Anyway, the High Tea was fun to style and I had a fab time collecting treasures from op shops and elsewhere to team up with my vintage wares for the table setting. There were lots of posies of roses in teapots and other vessels, cakes, sweets and delicious teas from T2. What really was great though, was getting together with the ladies and joining in all their generosity by raising funds for Cancer research.

Chatting to a fellow vintage lover at the 'Waverley Antiques Bazaar' yesterday I learned that there is another being who also has a talking relationship with beautiful, nostalgic and collectable things. So I am not alone in my mental debate and internal conversation with charming vintage objects! Her name is Tamarah and her biz is called 'Shabby Vintage Junk'. Tamarah has a lovely blog and wares to swoon over. I am picking up an antique kitchen cabinet from her this weekend and can't wait to set it up when it arrives.

Another fab biz of the vintage kind which is more teacup related is 'Vintage Lane ~ Crockery and Prop Hire' They have a gorgeous collection of crockery and props for events. I will share a few of their beautifully styled images with you. In a future post I will show off my new cabinet thanks to SVJ and some images of of her wares from Waverley as well. Until then have a squizzo at her blog if you wish or go to the bazaar this weekend and check out all the zillions of delights that are there!

A few keepers from my collection. Second from the top left came from a very special couple that I regarded as Grandparents as a child, that one I will hold on to forever. 

Absolutely gorgeous table setting from 'Vintage Lane ~ Crockery and Prop Hire'

Some of their pretty teacups. They also have a great selection of plates and cutlery.

Cool Cloak Room

Pimms anyone?

Beautifully presented 'Order of Service'

Lovely vintage themed guest book replacement, perfect for writing heartfelt messages to the newly wedded couple.

Yummy homemade favours

Super cute vintage bike display 

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Time for a Terrarium

Today I attempted a creation I've been wanting to try for some time ...a little Terrarium. I've seen lots of different versions of them around and been hanging out to make my very own. Starting with a small design for my first go I went with a honey jar for the vessel. The project was quite a simple and fun process and turned out very cute. So for my next one I will go bigger and better!

Some of the designs I've seen and would like to try include a variety of plants with the addition of moss and some quirky ornaments. It really is up to your imagination if you want to go for a elaborate or minimal concept.

The materials needed for this project are as follows: A vessel of some sort, stones, potting mix or good quality soil, plants, scoops or a spoon, and water.

Firstly a layer of stones needs to be placed inside the base of your chosen vessel to encourage good drainage

Secondly a layer of potting mix/soil is then added on top of the stones 

Then you can add whatever plants and accessories you like. I used 'String of Pearls' in my terrarium

A little watering in should get your plants off to a happy start in their new home. Spray some water into the container every so often and place in a slightly sunny position and your Terrarium will keep in good health. I love succulents as they are super self sufficient and require little care. The plants in these arrangements are inside recycled jars

Air Plants are another option and look fab in these round tealight hangers

This Terrarium has a 'Venus Flytrap' inside

Lots of beautific Terrariums were displayed at the 'Melbourne International Garden and Flower Show' this year

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Who got their haggle on?

Garage Sale Trail day last Saturday was a bit of a wash out but that did not deter the Beatnik crew from bargain chasing and treasure scouting. Armed with our list of local sales, spare change and haggle hats we hit the streets with spirits keener than mustard! It really was worth sporting our parkas and braving the rain as some lovely pieces were snapped up. The Garage Sale Trail is a great concept that creates many different benefits relating to sustainability, community and charity. The event involves lots of people participating in garage sales all on the same day Australia wide. The perfect opportunity for a vintage rummage and shopping spree!

A pit stop for brunch at my fave new cafe gave us the pep up we required to keep trudging on in search for vintage finds. 'Kitchen Table Cafe' is a breath of fresh air in the beach side suburb of Aspendale. It has a fabulously styled interior that is never without beautiful blooms, has a cool kids corner complete with blackboard wall, delicious food and espresso as well as great service. Not a package that often gets delivered all at once!

My star Garage Sale Trail find are these 'Mac's San Remo' wooden crates that I cheekily negotiated from 'NOT FOR SALE' into 'FOR SALE' win!

'Mac's San Remo' wooden crate which is currently housing my growing 'Fowler's' preserve jar collection

Old wooden crate = handy storage and shelving solution

Lovin' the vintage industrial metal numbers turned clever wall calender at 'Kitchen Table Cafe'