Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Historical Wall Hanging

Fossicking through a massive collection of family pics in preparation for an photographic display, (for my mum's 60th birthday shindig) , was quite a lengthy task as I couldn't help but get swept away in all the forgotten memories that were resurfacing. Some hideous, beautiful, funny, joyful, sad and just damn right kooky images were organised into a pile to later create a display for the big celebration. In a another pile I cheekily stashed away some gorgeous historical images of my dads family in the hope that he would allow me to hold on to them. My plan to hang them up in my home for everyone to view because they are just to precious to be hidden away in a rarely opened box.
On this rainy day of which I am finding difficult to ignore actioning my much needed housework, boooring , I rediscovered this little stashed pile of nostalgic loveliness and have pegged them onto a sweet little miniature bunting a dear friend thoughtfully crafted for me. 
Now to reveal to good old dadio just how beautiful they look hanging on my wall, and he will then hopefully agree to them being in my possession! Historical wall hanging you have been a great little detour from domestic tedium, now for that housework urgh.

Flags for the mini bunting were cut out with Pinking Shears and sewed onto lace

Love viewing old photographs containing vintage cars during their prime 

True gentleman attire worn by my Grandpa

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Mandatory Mantra

'Thou shall not covet thy neighbours delicious vintage stock'. This is my new mantra, as every time I go to restock the 'Beatnik Flair Vintage' pop up shop at the 'Waverley Antiques Bazaar', I am easily tempted to purchase and find myself desiring forbidden things! I'm really not certain I am capable of such self control and can see myself wavering on the hoarding side of life opposed collecting! A challenging experience this is proving to be. I did however walk away from these lovely books, although admittedly still feeling a little uneasy about it!

Sugar High

Birthdays, the day of birth, a celebration of entry into the world and of a unique existence! Parties consisting of delightful and sinful indulgences and good times shared with loved ones that evoke truly special feelings. Growing up my blessed mother slaved away baking, preparing and decorating for our memorable birthday parties that were held at home with all the trimmings. Now I find myself doing the same for the baby beatniks birthdays and absolutely love it! Even if I go through temporary insanity attempting to pull off all sorts of baking, styling and game organising without a hitch! During planning grand ideas flow free but it's actually fulfilling them that can be oh so overwhelming. Pleasing a crowd of little people isn't always an easy feat! Attending a friends daughter's b'day bash last week got me all snap happy. This particular mama has impeccable style and clever crafting skills that have left me inspired and on a self inflicted sugar high!

Parties not a party without the old balloon on the mailbox tradition!

Gorgeous Babushka doll bunting

Cupcakes in cute paper cases, candy buffet and 'Little Boys' served in this cute little doggy dish

Handmade tissue pompoms

Heart shaped birthday cake baked with mummy love

Adorably packaged lolly bags mmm

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A New Arrival

Yesterday a much anticipated and exciting arrival was born....my little pop up shop 'Beatnik Flair Vintage!' Finally after the drama of my injury amongst a million other things I am trying to catch up on this week, I rustled up some beautific stock for the installation. Setting up the space, styling and visual merchandising was a pleasure because that's what I love to do! Move stuff around, make displays and visual merchandise. My compulsive obsessions to re work spaces that drives Mr. Beatnik bonkers! The location is the 'Waverley Antiques Bazaar' 11a Aristoc Road Glen Waverley. I have lots more topping up to do before the busy weekend trade, so here are a few sneaky peek snaps before I have hop back to it....literally!

'Beatnik Flair Vintage' is stall no. F1 and is tucked away in the 'Coolroom' at the rear of the warehouse.

"Meeeeow!" How cute is this little puddy tat?!

In this little bundle you can expect to find some retro fashions including a few designer pieces from 'Carla Zampatti', 'Charlie Brown' and 'Bettina Liano'. As well as some lovely silk, leather and suede items, along side some vintage polyester!

Lots of old school kitchen knick knacks.

Some handmade yummies like this cushion, book bags and bunting.

'Marmet' pram the perfect vintage wheels for walking the streets with some old fashioned charm or housing a soft toy collection.