Thursday, 10 July 2014



Anybody out there?!

Super slack blogger here ...just calling out into blogland to say I'm still here and ...have had LOTS to write about yet been super slack about blogging it! I am keen as to get posting again though and have heaps to catch up on, so I WILL be back here very soon!

P.S. Since it's NAIDOC week aka National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee week which celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, I'll give you a little WIKI explanation on the ole 'Cooee' term...

The word 'Cooee' originates from the 'Dharuk' language of the original inhabitants of the Sydney, N.S.W area and means 'come here'.

A handy call out that gives you an indication where your peeps are located and a little trick I have used many times in the Aussie bush! My fave 'Cooee' is the unexpected kind ...when you yell 'Cooee' and get a response from randoms amongst the gumtrees! That's a mini celebration in itself!