Friday, 14 September 2012

Trashy on the Roadside

A slow drive by, a glint in the eye... a hover in hesitance with a glimmer of desire, a roadside loitering of unknown fate. A dash of shame.. I think not, but a whim on treasure that might await! That is if one is so brave as to rummage through another's ah... apparently... rubbish! 

Are you a junk collection snob or junk loving street crawler??? You can safely guess I belong to the crew of the latter! A total trash rat I am when it comes to rescuing vintage delights from facing landfill. So many amazing pieces are discarded, it really is quite criminal.

Some turn their wasteful noses up at this act with disapproval. A sad sort of snobbery that exists, although that leaves all the more lovely roadside surprises for us courageous and resourceful types! It makes me a little sick to the stomach the amount of waste that goes on with this method of disposal. So I say ditch the judgements, support recycling, and if it's a little to good to throw, why not donate it to the local op shop before you dump it on the curb?!

 A favourite piece of mine from the roadside is a sideboard Art Deco circa that was just about on it's last legs. Mr. Beatnik kindly hauled it home in the back of the '64 EH wagon a little unsure of my sanity! Armed with a sense of vision, I applyed a little love along with a lick of paint and now it's been transformed into quite a beautiful conversation piece. Such satisfaction is felt from breathing back a little life into a treasure that was actually intended for the tip!

Fellow recycler, collector and lover of old things, friend Crystal, had me super jealous of her roadside loot when I visited her the other day. She discovered the most beautiful Bread Bin tin I have ever seen and rescued it before the doom and gloom of the rubbish truck! It's pictured below. I would have loved to have shared a few more of her vintage pieces as well, but she is currently in the middle of the disarray of a reno. So alas I will have to return for a super snappy snap when it's completed! Crystal has the most amazing collection and an untamed gorgeous style that she is totally unaware of.

High fives to all you junk loving street crawlers out there, collecting treasures before they make it to landfill. That is until I bump into you along the sidewalk about to pounce on one of them, then it's free for all hehe!