Friday, 28 December 2012

Belated ...Be Merry!

So much to blog about lately but so little time! Hope you managed to 'Be Merry' this Christmas and drop the frazzle dazzle of the silly season.
Mine was a nice little whirlwind of family, friends, food, vino and sweet memories made. Also my first Turkey roasting attempt went swimmingly yay!
Today I am swanning around in my pj's all day enjoying the holidays letting go of the routine daily grind! Ahhh lOvely!x

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Ticks and Tens for 'Naughts and Crosses'

I am a sucker for kiddo curios. I love colour and cutesy things for little people and there is an itty bitty little store hidden away in an laneway of Elwood full of it! It goes by the name of  Naughts and Crosses and it's a total swoon bulging with beautific things for little ones!
Whilst goo and gaaing with childlike glee over all those beautific things, I got chatting to Louise one of the sweetest shop owners going around! As I pointed out her gorgeous props I learnt she had bought a few display pieces from the Waverley Antiques Bazaar and that she knows people I know, we both like this, and we love that, and all that vintage Jazz talk. During our nice little chit chat I loaded up the counter with a pile gifts for the 'Baby Beatniks' ...aka 'Santa' stash.. (shhh)and Louise wrapped them with a rainbow of tissue paper finished with coloured confetti, ribbons and bells. Cute! Now that's a few less presents 'Santa' will have to wrap and more wine time Christmas Eve watching Carols. Nice!
Supporting local biz for 'Silly Season Shopping' is way better than boring old mass produced blahhh! So that's ticks and tens, not naughts and crosses for this little winner of a shop!