Friday, 27 January 2012

Artisanal Fostering

One of the most rewarding experiences of motherhood for me is witnessing the wide eyed curiosity, naivety and untamed perceptions that my children have. They possess such raw imagination and are constantly delivering ruthless questions fuelled by pure thirst for knowledge. Experiencing and sharing art through their untainted interpretations and creativity is such a pleasure!
A Wander through the Mclelland Gallery and Sculpture Park is always an interesting affair and especially with my children in tow. There is a collection of over seventy works on display and the setting accompanied with the scale of the magnificent sculptures is just perfect for captivating the youngest of art fans. Such utter engagement is difficult to capture in a photograph... 

The Frankston Arts Centre holds a fabulous workshop called 'Hot Arts for Cool Kids' each school holidays. The program offers kids the opportunity to explore there creativity through a variety of processes avoiding structure. They get to let loose and utilise a variety of materials, mostly recycled, to create there very own masterpieces. The artworks from the recent workshop were exhibited in the Cube 37 gallery which was very exciting for the eldest baby beatnik indeed!

Non-profit organisation the 'Reverse Art Truck' is perfect for stocking up on recycled art and craft supplies. They rescue materials that would otherwise be put into landfill and supply them to community groups and the general art and crafting public. You can fill up a bag of goodies and feel super proud that you are supporting eco friendly resources. Spending a couple of hours poking through all the bits and bobs to stock up on is half the fun!

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