Sunday, 22 January 2012

Vintage Bliss!

If I was to say randomly disappear... before thinking the worst, like all mysterious missing person case thoughts, one could safely assume I would be happily tucked away in this little retro haven - 'The Vintage Shed and Emporium!' Located in the antique hot spot of Tyabb is an unassuming hide away bulging with handcrafted goodies, beautiful fashion pieces and vintage wares. I had the pleasure of scouring through the space this weekend, and in the midst of ogling nostalgic curios I got to meet some lovely like-minded people and take some happy snapshots. Vintage bliss!

Tempting... just one more brooch for the growing collection...

A hat a day keeps the bad hair at bay!

Sweet little Shirley Temple.

This piece is by Lyn of 'French and Vintage Chic' a clever and crafty lass and women of my own heart. Lyn designs, constructs and revamps frocks from vintage fabric and crochet doilies. An eco friendly and exquisite range.

Tea cups and retro canisters are my weaknesses."Yes Mr. Beatnik my dear, I most certainly do require yet another sugar canister, one just can't be sweet enough!"

Old school telecommunications cute enough to entice you to install a land line.

One afternoon just isn't enough time to discover all of the amazing collection of rustic treasures that 'The Vintage Shed' has to offer. So I just may have to orchestrate that temporary disappearance!


  1. Hi, I had to join your blog because of your great pics of the vintage shed, I was only there last week taking pics and you mentioned spiderbait, fave band of my youth, jimmy choo's and doily's!!!
    Happy blogging! Pippa :)

    1. Thanks Pippa! Super pleased to hear you also heart those things! It's early days but as time goes by I hope to inspire you just as you have me! :)

  2. Hi Alicia,
    Love your blog keep up the good work !vintage rules ! cheers Lyn

  3. Great pictures of the vintage shed, thanks for sharing ;)