Monday, 29 July 2013


'Bosky' an old English term that means 'Small Forest' This is where uber cool boskke derived their business name from. 'Boskke' create innovative and stylish gardening wares to incorporate plants into urban living, and with an Eco sensibility. They are famous for the clever and cool 'Sky Planter'. An ingenious upside down hanging planter with a water conserving system.'Boskke' have also designed a planter produced from recycled plastic and a range that would suit any space. Looking to greenify your concrete jungle? Maybe a small ceiling forest might be the answer! 


Sunday, 28 July 2013

It's all in the Mynd

A little while back, thanks to The Design Files, I discovered that the most amazing homeware store had just opened right under my nose. Mynd Interiors.

Mynd has stunning artworks, designer homewares, and lots of inspiring reads. An interior styling swoon! Mynd Interiors source local and global designer wares to die for, including one of my all time faves the The Family Love Tree. Oh I do heart a Peacock chair.

Mynd Interiors
82 Balcombe rd
Vic 3194

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Yikes the Yarn is on!

During one of creative mind trips I decided I needed a little Yarn Bombing fun in my life. I have always been a fan of the art and had a yearning to tap into my inner Nanna. The original plan was to YB a big fat Willow tree at the old house, but since we have moved, I am searching for other victims to pursue this dream. 

I put the word out, and now have a crew of other peeps that are also keen to tap into their inner Nanna. Woohoo! Super stoked about that, as creativity in company is good and many hands make light work! I'm SO crazily excited I could throw my Nanna knickers up in the air right now!

There IS just one little obstacle though... I don't really have the skills to knit all that well ...eEEkk! My evil plan is to mooch some training off my eager needle tamers. I can cast on, basic knit and cast off. That's a start right?!

So a Yarn Bombing group has been created... GULP!

Also... whilst on my creative mind trip, and on the search for a new YB victim I approached the older 'Baby Beatnik's' Art teacher about YB. So now, we are going to start a YB project in the Asian garden at her school as well. EeeEK!

Good luck novice knitter I hear you mutter. Well that's just it good luck has fallen into my lap. Whilst eavesdropping on a few Nanna's in my local Op shop I learnt that one of them is a knitting teacher. So I schmoozed my way into that convo, pounced on that opportunity, and now planning to organise some lessons with the rest of the keen YB bombing crew. Phew!

Turns out this amazing knitter is the Nanna of one of the other teachers at my older 'Baby Beatniks' school too. So totally winning Nanna style!

I am a big fan of Magda Sayeg from Knittaplease , this is one of her works below, and my inner Nanna is hoping to be decked out like this by summer! What do you think my chances are?


Oh MY bird it is!

Meet 'Florence, Ethel & Glady', they are my ladies. I love them I do. Turns out these Hens are being held my...  parents - true! Recently the 'Beatnik Crew' moved house. We were hoping for a tree change up in the hills, so we could spread out a little and escape our usual burb dwelling. It was part of our vision in our quest for a more Eco existence. Space, fresh air, trees surrounding.

The town we fell in love with appears to have a thread of like minded people weaved through it AND... happens to be a stone's throw from many flower growers in the 'Flower Captial' of Victoria. Floral bliss!

After searching high and low for the right pad, and with no success, we had to unfortunately postpone our tree change and continue our burbness a little longer.

During this burb move our Hens made themselves at home at the wary yet obliging 'Grandma and Grandpa Beatniks'. A temporary hensitting arrangement was made. Of course just as I was, the G's were in no time besotted by these feathery lovelies. Enjoying their yummy eggs, sipping cups of tea and coffee with them under the trees in the backyard and listening to their gorgeous babble. 

'Grandpa Beatnik' got super chook keen and built a pen fit for queens, eggs were layed and lasting relationships were formed. The ladies have been so accommodated for they have developed a sense of belonging. The G's even attended a local chicken keeping course to learn more about taking good care of them.

 So I have now been made redundant and currently suffering from empty nest syndrome. Boo. Temporary has turned permanent, I can see it in their beady little Hen eyes. My ladies have been Henknapped and not coming back!

So looks like it's Hen hugging and egg collecting at the G's ... for the time being that is, until I negotiate shared custody. I think I could have a real battle on my hands!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Shop Stalking

As I have previously mentioned I am a big fan of Emily from North St Flowers  design work. So of course I was excited to hear of the opening of her new shop in Thornbury and very eager to get a look in! Earlier in the year a couple of my flower school pals who are also fans, and I, headed out for coffee, chit chats and some 'North St' stickybeaking. The shop is just as I expected - stunning and bursting with all the super cool character and signature style of the 'North St' kind. Pop by and see it in the flesh if you get the chance, it's a swooner. 

776 High St Thornbury

Thursday, 18 July 2013

The only prerequisite for this date is perhaps owning a Magnifying Glass

I have been swept away by an unexpected vintage delight... my heart flutters at it's appearance. To view it's finer details and to truly admire it's dainty beauty, a magnifying glass may suffice. Isn't this the cutest novelty pencil sharpener slash desk calender you have ever seen or what? Well to me it is, and it is all mine thanks to a lovely friend - this find is a keeper!

Oh I do like this one!

 Oh I do like this one. Life is a puzzling conundrum at times and ones character can be rattled and tested by many a things. But some values are ingrained and cannot be unsettled at heart, that I am thankful for! Image via Pinterest