Tuesday, 25 June 2013


The child in me was bursting with enchantment when I saw the 'Stickwork' piece (aka 'Ballroom') that was installed at Fed. Square, Melbourne late last year. It remained there on display until earlier this year and has now sadly served it's time and been removed. Boo! Patrick Dougherty created the awe inspiring artwork out of Willow trees, and with just a pair of gloves and secateurs. What a marvel! The 'Baby Beatniks' and I swanned around in it's beauty and imagined living in a such a super cool pad! Click on Patrick's name above to be directed to his website for more crazily amazing stick sculptures. I heart 'Stickwork'!

Friday, 21 June 2013

March Against Monsanto

'Monsanto' is corporate evil at it's worst. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) are harmful to  the earth and to our health. I was introduced to the horrific goings on within our food system, GMO's and 'Monsanto' some time ago when I watched the film FOOD INC.

Since that rude awakening I am trying to be more aware of, and looking to educate myself more about GMO's. It seems like a lot to get your head around although worth it, as I now have learned, it's an ugly subject that can afford no ignorance. Trust me, I am no expert but this GMO stuff is risky business on so many levels. 

The 'David Suzuki' Youtube below, I find, explains the subject clearly, bringing to light the MANY aspects and effects that are involved within this pertinent issue. 

I am enraged by the actions of 'Monsanto' and was inspired to attend the recent March Against Monsanto, and with the 'Baby Beatniks' in tow, joined many other concerned people who disagree with GMO and 'Monsanto's' actions and motives. Here also - I Say NO to GMO!