Monday, 27 February 2012

Twist and Ouch!

Picture happy times, a cheerfully spirited crowd, crazy dancing and then crack...oohahh, twist and OUCH! As mentioned above I intended my next blog post to be about my 'BHG Live' visit on Sunday with lots of pics of savvy home deco and all that jazz. However that was before I twisted my ankle busting out some maniac dance moves at a wedding on Saturday night! So no 'BHG Live' on Sunday for me, just a short visit to the hospital and lots of hobbling around.
It was a gorgeous backyard wedding with stunning beach views, lots of Singapore orchids and lovely beachy decorative touches about, and I had a wow of a time before ill fate and injury!

A friend of mine has prompted me to join 'Pinterest' which shall no doubt keep me busy whilst spending some mending time on the couch. If you haven't got on the Pinny bandwagon yet check out the website. It's an amazing virtual pin board where you can collect and share inspiring images.

Here are my dreaded crutches alongside a cute medicine chest I picked up at 'The General Trader' So many delightful little gadgets in that shop!

One of my fave quotes mentioned during the wedding vows was - "To the world you may just be one person, but to one person you may be the world"
Brandi Snyder Quotes
Loving all the industrial medical themes floating around the interior decorating world lately, these rustic medicine cabinets are from my new haunt the 'Waverly Antiques Bazaar'

Friday, 24 February 2012

Lovin' BHG Live

Involvement in the construction of the flower arrangements for the 'Better Homes and Gardens Live' show yesterday was so much fun! It's being held at the 'Royal Exibition Centre' Melbourne from today until Sunday, and has lots of home and garden deco ideas to be inspired by and get excited about! Working in a team to tackle such a large scale event was part of the enjoyment. Sharing the load and getting all creative with a crew of super keen florists was a pleasure. I managed to spot a couple of celebs from the show amongst the madness of the set up although unfortunately missed a perve on spunky carpenter 'Rob Palmer'. I will be heading there on Sunday to check it all out in full swing, so hopefully I might see him then! Love a man who can whip up innovative furnature on demand! Here are a few shots from Thursday. I will post more after my visit on Sunday.

The 'Royal Exibition Building'. Such intricate detail in it's beautiful design

Lots of happy and cheerful Sunflowers ready to be displayed
This is moi in a snazzy fluro vest adding the finishing touches to one of the entrance arrangements

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A musty air of mysterious uncertainty....

Last Sunday on a vintage shopping road trip, the Beatnik gang and I found ourselves outside a weathered and charming facade in Palmerston St. Carlton. A cautious step inside the entrance placed us upon some dodgy carpet with a dingy flight of stairs before us. We plunged ahead into the unknown, discovering a few personal objects along the way that made it evident the premises was in fact inhabited. At the top a cute gal cheerily invited us into her pad offering freshly baked cupcakes and then directed us to the balcony laden with vintage fashion delights! A glance above revealed a steeper stairway that gave us access to the rooftop which not only had more vintage fashion, but couches to lounge on, and a possie for tarot card readings. 'Miss Hullabaloo's Rooftop Market' is a monthly event of vintage shopping sweetness accompanied by live music that makes a nice little Sunday adventure.

The next destination of old school style retail therapy was the 'Waverley Antiques Bazaar'. A massive warehouse of retro treasures that temporarily caused us to loose all sense of time with all it's mesmerising contents. After a few purchases, a lovely chat with the directors and a little thought, I have decided this venue will be where I install my first little pop up shop 'Beatnik Flair Vintage'! I'm super excited and have been rummaging up all sorts of beautific stock. Stay tuned for deats and sneak peeks!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Speedy morning brew with a side of nostalgia

On a recent short visit to the gorgeous town of Balnarring, I stopped for a much required caffeine pick me up at an interesting and quirky cafe called 'Coffee Cult'. The service was super speedy as my soy (Organic Fairtrade) latte reached my table the same time I did, and the decor was memory igniting in the ultimate Superhero type of sense! The space is filled with shelves of comic books, walls covered in old movie posters with a few nostalgic props displayed as well. A chirpy experience that turned my bleary morning eyes into childlike wonderment.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Be Mine Oh Mine

"Love - A wildly misunderstood although highly desirable malfunction of the heart which weakens the brain, causes eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise and the lips to pucker".

Valentines Day, a perfect excuse to declare love and spread it with flowers. So many gorgeous blooms about. Hope you had some lurve in your world today and if you didn't get the delivery you were hoping, go ahead and treat yourself everyone deserves the delightful effect of the flower.

The heart shaped rock collection below was found Honeymooning in the Tweed Valley N.S.W, at the 'Crystal Creek Rain Forest Retreat'. A beautiful rain forest experience amongst the hinterland I will always cherish and these rocks are a cute reminder. The retreats Eco-sensibility really impressed me and the views were absolutely stunning!

P.S Mr.Beatnik is in the V Day good books! 

Monday, 13 February 2012

Sweet Floral Envy!

I found these images during a blog perve today, and feeling utterly envious of the way this eclectic collection of blooms have been styled for a charming backyard wedding. Gets me in the mood for some Valentine themed lovin.(Insert exaggerated, melodramatic, high volume and attention grabbing clear of throat here) Mr. Beatnik take note for fleur will be expected! Have a sticky at the 'Meet me at Mikes' blog for more of these stunning images of this beautifully decorated affair by talented photographer 'Eric Ronald'.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A Table to GoGo

Amongst domestic disarray, op shopping, lunching with a friend and baby beatnik disparity peace making, I some how managed to squeeze in a little crafting time today. Yay!
During the boxing day whohaa I snapped up some beautiful gift wrap at 'Ishka' and have been itching to put it to use ever since. I used a product called 'Mod Podge' for the first time and must say that in all it's gooey goodness it absolutely rocks! If you haven't used it before, I urge you to give it a go as it's super easy to apply and useful for all sorts of crafty creations. If it's existence is old news and you are a 'Mod Podge' veteran check out these two projects for some fresh inspiration.

A chest of white draws in the girls room was in need of a brighten up. Updating the knobs is a simple solution that can make all the difference.

Using a scalloped edge hole punch I cut a circle out of the pretty wrap for each knob. Then I applied the 'Mod Podge' to adhere and seal the paper to the existing wooden knobs.

This is the colourful result!

This little number which appears to be an old stool, was picked up at the Cheltenham 'Family Life' op shop for just two dollars. The ladies that are employed there are always so cheerful and helpful. The day I purchased it, one of them kindly carried my youngest to the car as I was overloaded with bargains and couldn't quite manage. Now that's service! 

For this project I again used 'Mod Podge' and the same process for the top of what eventually will be a portable side table. The only difference was instead of using the hole punch I traced the shape of the wooden top sraight onto the paper and cut to size.

Then applied a couple of coats of white spray paint to the base and added a crystal handle where the top attaches onto the base. Which is a great replacement for the originally visible screw and handy for carrying to random locations!

Dadaa! One revamped stool turned side table. Perfect for placing your beverage where ever you decide to settle for sit down.

Mr.Beatnik taking the new 'Table to GoGo' for a test drive.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Heart Warming 'Melanie'

Boho American singer/songwriter - 'Melanie' performed at Woodstock 1969.
I adore this song titled 'Beautiful People' The audio is a bit sketchy but the images make up for it, enjoy!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Hoarder vs. Collector

Hoarder! Sounds like the term used to describe some crazy cat lady with willowy hair dwelling in a cluttered squalor. I prefer to refer to myself as an avid collector, it sounds so much more refined and promising! I collect many items which of course are usually of the vintage kind. Tea cups, brooches, retro canisters, the list goes on and on and on! My latest items of interest are clocks, vintage suitcases and old 'Penguin' published books.
Founded in 1935 and originating in the UK, publisher 'Penguin Books' are famous for revolutionising the literary world with their introduction of quality affordable books for all. Both the Penguin and Pelican series have had significant influences on history relating to the arts, science and politics. The Penguin group have stayed true to their original values by continuing to release classic, updated and especially affordable series.
The editions pictured date back to the late 1930's and were happily acquired op shopping. Just like my suitcases and clocks and in fact all my vintage items, I wonder who owned them? Where have they been and what have they witnessed? If only they could vocalise these things, I am certain they would have some interesting tales to tell!

Part of their charm is the inscriptions.

The centre case has evidence of a trip to Bermuda.

A sinister title with a content I am yet to absorb.