Sunday, 26 August 2012

Booom! This flower has bombed!

So super duper trilled that I got the chance to 'Flower Bomb' with fellow bloom lover 'Holly Hipwell' last Friday! It was Carnation Carnage at 'Nyary 604' - an amazing treasure trove of antiques and gorgeous home wares. I joined a crew of floral enthusiasts in an afternoon of quirky Holly chat, flower arranging and lolly chomping. It was sooo very lurvely.
It amazes me that this character oozing and very successful florist has never, ever, been to flower school! I am loving her untamed bravery, passion and unconformist attitude to floral art. It is in line with my evolving motto "Say NO to commercial blaaaaaah!"
 As I explore more and more styles of floral design, I'm constantly drawn to artists that are breaking the rules and moving away from the commercial styles we have all been subjected to over the years and feeling very inspired!!! Don't get me wrong traditional techniques and designs have their place and I totally respect their beauty. It's just that it's so refreshing to see some really talented designers out there changing things up a bit and breaking the mould.
At the beginning of the workshop I viewed a few eager yet nervous faces and heard a couple of self doubting comments from some mouths re capabilities. By the end though, were some seriously chuffed expressions and truly amazing bombs!
Miss Holly is one to watch if you're not already and 'Nyary 604' is a total swoon. The little birdy herself told the class that it's likely she will return to Melbourne later in the year. So look out for updates if you're keen to join the 'F Bomb' club. Bombs aside though her other creations are stunningly beautific and equally deserving of credit.

Carnation a good way

Holly and I with my 'Flower Bomb'

Holly engaging in one of her fave pastimes - 'Flower Bomb' face stroking

Beautiful light fittings from 'Nyary 604'. Jenny globe trots sourcing lots of amazing pieces for her stunning store

'Nyary' is so gorgeously cosy, bulging with beautiful textures and colourful objects 

I want this wall!

A fellow bombers creation about to hit the streets home on her bike

My very first 'Flower Bomb'!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Creative Lovebird

Sometimes if you're lucky enough, you cross paths with a fellow creative that you just mesh with, sparks fly and you both feel as though you have known each other a lifetime. You go on to discover that you are so much on the same wavelength it's almost creepy! The universe aligns you somehow. Recently that happened to me and I am ever so grateful!
This new creative soul mate of mine and fellow vintage fan dwells a few houses away from me in domestic circumstances and now I am very excited to announce that she has also become my neighbour at the 'Waverley Antiques Bazaar'. Located right next door to the 'Beatnik Flair Vintage' pop up shop YAY! Also a blogger she goes by the name of 'Love & Rummage' so check her out via the link below.
Last week I swung by her pad to get first viewing of, and take a few snaps of some stock she was about to haul to the bazaar. A very crafty lass she is, and has whipped up these gorgeous vintage fabric canvases and doily bunting. (If you go weak for doilies she is your kind of gal!)
I also couldn't resist snapping her cute little succulent display on her back porch, where we often sit and sip wine chatting and dreaming about all the creative projects we plan to collaborate on together!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

This Find is a Keeper

Intuition is strangely my best asset when it comes to super special thrifting finds. It's when I'm in tune with this creepily amazing sixth sense that I seem to be lead to the most divinely lovely things. My latest fist pump worthy elating score is of the swapping kind although I am certain this little finder has come across a definite keeper. Well what is it? A super cute little collection of vintage swap cards!

Swap cards originated in the 1800's and came about when the packaging for cigarettes required a cardboard support. This stiffener began as a blank piece of cardboard and was later replaced with a picture printed version. This was the beginning of a collecting trend that has continued on through centuries. Swap cards were inserted into the evolved packaging even though they were not required any longer for practical purposes, but were included due to popularity and as a selling point. Prominent characters were commonly displayed on the cards such as actors, presidents and sports personalities.
This particular collection has a retro feel and is likely to be 1970's circa.