Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A New Arrival

Yesterday a much anticipated and exciting arrival was born....my little pop up shop 'Beatnik Flair Vintage!' Finally after the drama of my injury amongst a million other things I am trying to catch up on this week, I rustled up some beautific stock for the installation. Setting up the space, styling and visual merchandising was a pleasure because that's what I love to do! Move stuff around, make displays and visual merchandise. My compulsive obsessions to re work spaces that drives Mr. Beatnik bonkers! The location is the 'Waverley Antiques Bazaar' 11a Aristoc Road Glen Waverley. I have lots more topping up to do before the busy weekend trade, so here are a few sneaky peek snaps before I have hop back to it....literally!

'Beatnik Flair Vintage' is stall no. F1 and is tucked away in the 'Coolroom' at the rear of the warehouse.

"Meeeeow!" How cute is this little puddy tat?!

In this little bundle you can expect to find some retro fashions including a few designer pieces from 'Carla Zampatti', 'Charlie Brown' and 'Bettina Liano'. As well as some lovely silk, leather and suede items, along side some vintage polyester!

Lots of old school kitchen knick knacks.

Some handmade yummies like this cushion, book bags and bunting.

'Marmet' pram the perfect vintage wheels for walking the streets with some old fashioned charm or housing a soft toy collection.

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