Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sugar High

Birthdays, the day of birth, a celebration of entry into the world and of a unique existence! Parties consisting of delightful and sinful indulgences and good times shared with loved ones that evoke truly special feelings. Growing up my blessed mother slaved away baking, preparing and decorating for our memorable birthday parties that were held at home with all the trimmings. Now I find myself doing the same for the baby beatniks birthdays and absolutely love it! Even if I go through temporary insanity attempting to pull off all sorts of baking, styling and game organising without a hitch! During planning grand ideas flow free but it's actually fulfilling them that can be oh so overwhelming. Pleasing a crowd of little people isn't always an easy feat! Attending a friends daughter's b'day bash last week got me all snap happy. This particular mama has impeccable style and clever crafting skills that have left me inspired and on a self inflicted sugar high!

Parties not a party without the old balloon on the mailbox tradition!

Gorgeous Babushka doll bunting

Cupcakes in cute paper cases, candy buffet and 'Little Boys' served in this cute little doggy dish

Handmade tissue pompoms

Heart shaped birthday cake baked with mummy love

Adorably packaged lolly bags mmm

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  1. Hi there, thanks for the kind words, love the birthday decorations, I did a simialr thing for my 21st. love it! x