Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A Table to GoGo

Amongst domestic disarray, op shopping, lunching with a friend and baby beatnik disparity peace making, I some how managed to squeeze in a little crafting time today. Yay!
During the boxing day whohaa I snapped up some beautiful gift wrap at 'Ishka' and have been itching to put it to use ever since. I used a product called 'Mod Podge' for the first time and must say that in all it's gooey goodness it absolutely rocks! If you haven't used it before, I urge you to give it a go as it's super easy to apply and useful for all sorts of crafty creations. If it's existence is old news and you are a 'Mod Podge' veteran check out these two projects for some fresh inspiration.

A chest of white draws in the girls room was in need of a brighten up. Updating the knobs is a simple solution that can make all the difference.

Using a scalloped edge hole punch I cut a circle out of the pretty wrap for each knob. Then I applied the 'Mod Podge' to adhere and seal the paper to the existing wooden knobs.

This is the colourful result!

This little number which appears to be an old stool, was picked up at the Cheltenham 'Family Life' op shop for just two dollars. The ladies that are employed there are always so cheerful and helpful. The day I purchased it, one of them kindly carried my youngest to the car as I was overloaded with bargains and couldn't quite manage. Now that's service! 

For this project I again used 'Mod Podge' and the same process for the top of what eventually will be a portable side table. The only difference was instead of using the hole punch I traced the shape of the wooden top sraight onto the paper and cut to size.

Then applied a couple of coats of white spray paint to the base and added a crystal handle where the top attaches onto the base. Which is a great replacement for the originally visible screw and handy for carrying to random locations!

Dadaa! One revamped stool turned side table. Perfect for placing your beverage where ever you decide to settle for sit down.

Mr.Beatnik taking the new 'Table to GoGo' for a test drive.

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