Thursday, 2 February 2012

Hoarder vs. Collector

Hoarder! Sounds like the term used to describe some crazy cat lady with willowy hair dwelling in a cluttered squalor. I prefer to refer to myself as an avid collector, it sounds so much more refined and promising! I collect many items which of course are usually of the vintage kind. Tea cups, brooches, retro canisters, the list goes on and on and on! My latest items of interest are clocks, vintage suitcases and old 'Penguin' published books.
Founded in 1935 and originating in the UK, publisher 'Penguin Books' are famous for revolutionising the literary world with their introduction of quality affordable books for all. Both the Penguin and Pelican series have had significant influences on history relating to the arts, science and politics. The Penguin group have stayed true to their original values by continuing to release classic, updated and especially affordable series.
The editions pictured date back to the late 1930's and were happily acquired op shopping. Just like my suitcases and clocks and in fact all my vintage items, I wonder who owned them? Where have they been and what have they witnessed? If only they could vocalise these things, I am certain they would have some interesting tales to tell!

Part of their charm is the inscriptions.

The centre case has evidence of a trip to Bermuda.

A sinister title with a content I am yet to absorb.



  1. I love the way you are able to display your unique collections which are so appealing - i am always afraid of it appearingr messy and so my things get stashed away somewhere private until they need to be used. I have a lot of learning to do in order to master this ability to display items for everyone to enjoy!

    1. I drive Mr. Beatnik crazy moving, styling, and re-working our eclectic mix of posessions! Our home is a permanent work in progress. Don't be afraid to play around it's part of the fun and you can always change the position of your items. A regular declutter can be helpful if you want to maintain control. Now go on pull a few of those hidden goodies out!