Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Baby it's damn hot outside!

What calls for breakfast ice creams, a vintage fan collection... in full use, icy cold ciders, backyard inflatable pool dips and late night beach time??? Last week's melting heatwave in Melbourne! That's what!

The heatwave led to some sunkissed 'Baby Beatnik's' at my heels (in the nudey rudes) requesting our fave iced tea, so a yummy batch was whipped up by 'Mama Beatnik'! The recipe is made from T2's - 'Lemon Cooler' tea and... goes like this:

Throw a couple of heaped tablespoons of the 'Lemon Cooler' loose leaf tea into a big old teapot

Brew it

Let it cool
(You could use the cooling time for many things; a quick swim, or to hide away from your nudey rude hot and bothered kidlets in a closet and catch up on some interior mags, or you could spend the time praying the scorching heat does not fry the veggie patch!)

When cooled, add a drop or two of Vanilla Essence and some organic brown sugar to taste

Sliced lemon is a must. If your lemon tree is not delivering, you could forage or 'borrow' one from someone in the neighbourhood. (It seems those rare and lovely people who leave out little baskets of freebies never seem to be in stock when you need some!) 

Grab a handful of mint from the herb garden (that Mint goes cray cray if you let it go wild, so use that minty goodness up!)

Then some fridge time needs to happen and theeeeen the when your thirst can wait no longer serve with lotsa ice.

It's really delish and oh so refreshwaaa!

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