Sunday, 17 March 2013

It's frowned upon...

Something unspeakable has charmed me in a floral sense. A commoner, an average Joe, a variety of an uncool Kind. What hideous bloom am I rambling about? goes... I'll admit it... I fell for a Gerb! Yes a Gerbera! Thousands of them in fact! I know it's frowned upon florally if you want to have any point of difference from a commercial blah florist, but I was sweet talked by a field of them, and oh I don't know how... but somehow we hit off. But it's true! As uncool as it sounds.

It was last year when my flower school class and I made the trip out to the Gerbera Farm. There I was, swooning over a sea of Gerb faces in all their glory and abundance! Who would of thought me the Gerb snob head over heels for them? 

 The Big Bouquet Gerbera farm which is situated in beautiful Healesville of the Yarra Valley, really is worth a squizzo if you get the chance. Haters be warned though it may sway your Gerb judgement and just like me you may be eating your usually Gerb despising words.

Mr.Beatnik has only just given up bringing home the odd bunch Gerbs due to me telling him for quite a few years that they were super gorgwaa in like... the early 2000's. Heee! Forgive me, I am a fussy bloom lover at times!

Although, now, I may just keep an open mind to their potential. There I said it! Sorry if I made you vomit. Turn away if you must. Gerb converted I can't believe it!


  1. I like them, and buy them!
    Sometimes you just just have to stand up for the underdog, the little guy or the so called forgotten....You go for it!