Sunday, 17 March 2013


Who's met CLARENCE ? Or even better who's met 'Bobilee Shahine'? A sister in the hood of bloom loving doing it for herself! During last years flower school day trip out to the 'Gerb' farm yes I've uttered the 'G' word again, we stopped by 'Clarence'. A deliciously unique florist in Healesville that gets me all giddy with excitment just reminiscing about it! Clarence has a mix of amazing blooms, unique arrangements and gifts combined with vintage finds - insert elated opera sung aAAAaaah here! Owner 'Bobilee' is a a great example of the type of floral designer I like. Fab taste, full of personality and kicking commercial blah to the curb! Total shop crush!

The images below are of the shop front and some of their stunning wedding work. Swoonalicious!


  1. Stopped by a couple of weeks ago and was Blown Away.....Funky, Fabulous, Fantastic.!!!