Saturday, 17 November 2012

Keepin' it Fresh

So zee Blog has had a revamp as you can see! I am still reworking and tidying up a few things, but I'm liking it's fresh new appearance. A little Blog spring cleaning if you will.
Lately I have been driving Mr.Beatnik insane in our home with my spring cleaning antics. The trouble is when I 'clean', I sort, cull, rework, reshuffle, create a bomb scene. Ask myself why I even started the arduous task in the first place! Then go on to move everything around so much the poor man doesn't know where the hell is! Me and my random OCD styling hehe. Now I have taken to a little on line clean up to give the poor love a breather - hence the Blog makeover. 

Christmas is a comin' and I have put my hand up to have it at our pad this year. Which will be my first time. Crazy or enthusiastic? I don't know. So an episode of OCD will come in handy for all the preparations needed for that! I actually am quite into Christmas. I know it's probably super cool to be a 'Grinch' these days, but you will rarely hear a 'Humbug' from these festive lips! I shall channel the talents of 'Martha Stewart' to help me pull off the hostess thing I think. Perhaps a kick arse centrepiece for the table may charm my guests if I don't come through with the goods in the Turkey department! At least they will have something gorgwa to look at!

Well.. just a quick check in to welcome you to the new look, accompanied with a mini freak out that Christmas is approaching!


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