Friday, 9 November 2012

A Petal She Is

Not last night but the night before a recipe for disaster was turned into a magical evening at 'The Social Club' in Northcote when Mr.Beatnik and I went along to see beautiful band 'Tinpan Orange'. A random and unexpected power failure which included the frying of a fuse box, provided an unplanned but perfect opportunity for an intimate acoustic singsong. What was not an ideal occurrence ended up in fact enhancing the warmness and sweet folksy vibe of their deep and playful tunes. Lead singer Emmy (Emily Lubitz) dazzled us with her charismatic personality, beautiful voice and completely won me over by handing out wild and untamed flower bundles for the besotted audience. Awww what a gorgeous bloom lover and petal she is! This gig was part of their recent album 'Over The Sun' promotion tour. 
Being the fleur fancier I am of course I'm loving their song called 'Flowers' which I have shared below. Look out for all the bursts of floralness throughout the clip sooo super yummy!

Little bloom bundle from the lovely Emmy

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