Sunday, 26 August 2012

Booom! This flower has bombed!

So super duper trilled that I got the chance to 'Flower Bomb' with fellow bloom lover 'Holly Hipwell' last Friday! It was Carnation Carnage at 'Nyary 604' - an amazing treasure trove of antiques and gorgeous home wares. I joined a crew of floral enthusiasts in an afternoon of quirky Holly chat, flower arranging and lolly chomping. It was sooo very lurvely.
It amazes me that this character oozing and very successful florist has never, ever, been to flower school! I am loving her untamed bravery, passion and unconformist attitude to floral art. It is in line with my evolving motto "Say NO to commercial blaaaaaah!"
 As I explore more and more styles of floral design, I'm constantly drawn to artists that are breaking the rules and moving away from the commercial styles we have all been subjected to over the years and feeling very inspired!!! Don't get me wrong traditional techniques and designs have their place and I totally respect their beauty. It's just that it's so refreshing to see some really talented designers out there changing things up a bit and breaking the mould.
At the beginning of the workshop I viewed a few eager yet nervous faces and heard a couple of self doubting comments from some mouths re capabilities. By the end though, were some seriously chuffed expressions and truly amazing bombs!
Miss Holly is one to watch if you're not already and 'Nyary 604' is a total swoon. The little birdy herself told the class that it's likely she will return to Melbourne later in the year. So look out for updates if you're keen to join the 'F Bomb' club. Bombs aside though her other creations are stunningly beautific and equally deserving of credit.

Carnation a good way

Holly and I with my 'Flower Bomb'

Holly engaging in one of her fave pastimes - 'Flower Bomb' face stroking

Beautiful light fittings from 'Nyary 604'. Jenny globe trots sourcing lots of amazing pieces for her stunning store

'Nyary' is so gorgeously cosy, bulging with beautiful textures and colourful objects 

I want this wall!

A fellow bombers creation about to hit the streets home on her bike

My very first 'Flower Bomb'!


  1. So jealous, I didn't know she had some Melb gigs, so want to make a flower bomb! Well done you!

    1. Lovely Pippa she will be back again. So go for it when she returns it was fun! :)

  2. hey there! You found me before I found you, x