Tuesday, 7 August 2012

This Find is a Keeper

Intuition is strangely my best asset when it comes to super special thrifting finds. It's when I'm in tune with this creepily amazing sixth sense that I seem to be lead to the most divinely lovely things. My latest fist pump worthy elating score is of the swapping kind although I am certain this little finder has come across a definite keeper. Well what is it? A super cute little collection of vintage swap cards!

Swap cards originated in the 1800's and came about when the packaging for cigarettes required a cardboard support. This stiffener began as a blank piece of cardboard and was later replaced with a picture printed version. This was the beginning of a collecting trend that has continued on through centuries. Swap cards were inserted into the evolved packaging even though they were not required any longer for practical purposes, but were included due to popularity and as a selling point. Prominent characters were commonly displayed on the cards such as actors, presidents and sports personalities.
This particular collection has a retro feel and is likely to be 1970's circa.

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