Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Show and Tell

Time to share a few 'Shabby Vintage Junk' aka 'SVJ' related pics to gaa gaa over. Life is busy at the the moment, it's crazy with creativity and surrounded by people, times are good. Creativity + positive peeps around = good times in my world! The blogging is getting a little neglect however as I've been up to my ears in flowers, family and friends, work, study and vintage finds. So a quick 'Show and Tell' of the NEW 'old' kitchen cabinet from 'SVJ' which Mr.Beatnik is attempting to convince me requires restoration. I on the other hand quite like it's weathered charm. The official opening of the 'SVJ' store rocked the 'Waverley Antiques Bazaar' last week. Lovely trader Tamarah out did herself with the shops amazing contents and beautiful merchandising.

 The new addition to the household

Oozing with weathered charm and complete with antique handles

The SVJ store

Super cool trophies and measuring tapes

Lots of quirky knick knacks

Love a globe or two!

Gorgeous vintage wallpaper lined crates and antique clock collection


  1. Hey GORGEOUS....!!

    It was WONDERFUL having you pop by last week....!! THANKS so much for your feedback....I'm chuffed you enjoyed the Shop... :o) !!

    Tell Hubs I reckon the hutch should stay as it is....**wink**...!!

    Hope you're having a BRILLIANT week....!!

    See you soon,
    Tamarah :o)

    1. Thanks lovely lady. Cabinet remains untouched at the moment. See you and your beautiful shop soon! :)