Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Terrarium Take Two

Since my first Terrarium attempt was a little ah... on the small side, I thought a friends engagement celebration was a good opportunity to create a more adventurous one for a gift. This time round I chose a bigger vessel and a variety of plants with different heights, colours and textures and a few accessories to give it a romantic theme. I also made another for the Baby Beatniks room with a whimsical theme just for fun.
For the first design I crafted a mini chalkboard sign from a rectangle craft wood coaster, a piece of dowel and some chalkboard paint which were all purchased from Bunnings. First I cut the dowel to size, then spray painted the pieces with chalkboard paint and attached the parts together with a hot glue gun. Then I wrote a love related message in line with the romantic theme on the board -'All you need is love'(true and timeless wisdom borrowed from 'The Beatles') These mini chalkboard signs are super easy to make and also ideal for herb and vegie garden plant labels.
Then I followed the same steps to make the Terrarium as in my previous post - using larger stones for good drainage, then added the potting mix and plants along with the addition of Moss and accessories.
The engagement party was held at 'The Social' located in Mornington, a fab venue which has an amazing collection of vintage props and decor, wine and tasty Tapas. A photobooth was also there for the occasion, I just love the fun and nostalic charm depicted in photobooth images!

Completed romantic themed Terrarium

Whimsical themed Terrarium accessorised with toy animals and toadstool purchased from a discount variety shop

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