Saturday, 12 May 2012

Time for a Terrarium

Today I attempted a creation I've been wanting to try for some time ...a little Terrarium. I've seen lots of different versions of them around and been hanging out to make my very own. Starting with a small design for my first go I went with a honey jar for the vessel. The project was quite a simple and fun process and turned out very cute. So for my next one I will go bigger and better!

Some of the designs I've seen and would like to try include a variety of plants with the addition of moss and some quirky ornaments. It really is up to your imagination if you want to go for a elaborate or minimal concept.

The materials needed for this project are as follows: A vessel of some sort, stones, potting mix or good quality soil, plants, scoops or a spoon, and water.

Firstly a layer of stones needs to be placed inside the base of your chosen vessel to encourage good drainage

Secondly a layer of potting mix/soil is then added on top of the stones 

Then you can add whatever plants and accessories you like. I used 'String of Pearls' in my terrarium

A little watering in should get your plants off to a happy start in their new home. Spray some water into the container every so often and place in a slightly sunny position and your Terrarium will keep in good health. I love succulents as they are super self sufficient and require little care. The plants in these arrangements are inside recycled jars

Air Plants are another option and look fab in these round tealight hangers

This Terrarium has a 'Venus Flytrap' inside

Lots of beautific Terrariums were displayed at the 'Melbourne International Garden and Flower Show' this year

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