Saturday, 4 January 2014

Dwelling in possibility.....

Wowzers! Another year gone by and a new one on the horizon. 2013 had a few waves, lots of wonderfulness and even a little wacky!

Keeping life in balance is always a priority and a struggle for me personally, so that will be something I will try my best to tackle in 2014. I can proudly tick off a few goals from last years to do list, some things will be rolled over to this years and then a little handful that I just might throw to the wind!

One thing that is paramount in this life plan that is reviewed annually and sporadically throughout the year, is list or no list of resolutions, it all comes down to attitude. This year was a little cray cray at times and I am feeling the need to rekindle the peace within. I've been busier than a bees hinny, and being the sensitive creative type that I am, I need a little internal cup of tea and a lie down to rest my mind and face this year anew. Equipped with the right attitude anything is possible don't you think?


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  1. Everything is possible if you stay true your yourself xo