Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Park Life

Where's my sleeping bag? Oh I wish I had it with the rest of the junk that has been rolling around in the boot of my car. It's vintage floral print would suit this setting and I wanna set up camp here at this superb place. Strangely I feel a little out of sorts and all at home at the same time. A wave of free spirited consciousness has warmed my soul and my inhibited shell has dissolved at the gate. Suddenly I have shaken off the ordinary sway of the day and moving to a more creative beat.
Something tells me that part of the indie cool of this place is the unspoken vibe. Though speak of it I will as it's beautiful resonance has rubbed off on me, and... I'm kinda to old to give a crap about following hipster rules of unspoken coolness. I like this place and I'm saying it out loud.
Where? What is this place? I hear your inner voice enquiring. Well I'm sure by now it's old news, but gone are the days of regular hot spot loitering for me, and here are the days of suburban domestic bliss... heee!
The place is Edinburgh Gardens in Fitzroy North and if you are familiar with it and aware of it's goings on, you know very well what I am banging on about. If not, let me tell you.
A couple of friends of mine had a double b'day picnic slash shindig there. The gardens were crazily beaming with wacky and wonderful peeps sharing the sunny afternoon love. Picture lots of tipples on the grass by quirky types with a bohemian edge.
Maybe it was the headpiece wearing sweet girl I chatted to in the loo queue, or the gypsy party people joyously busting their dance moves, ..or the Lady Gaga get up wearing and 'Rosie the dog' loving random, ...or the pretty bunting strung from tree to tree, ..or the rubbish bin jumping stunt fest crew, or the retro bicycles lapping, ...or maybe it was the combination of all those things mixed with perfectly sensible nonsense. Any who what I am saying is that the park life at Edinburgh is enough to make me wanna invest in a permanent posi... park bench!

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  1. ha ha, we had a family picnic catch up there just the other day too. yet our flowers were not of the amazing head-piece kind of your creative bliss but that of a stanger walking past & handed out bunches of petals to all the kids. theres a whole lot-a-love in that park xoxo