Sunday, 22 April 2012

Not Quack but Genious

The famous Dr. Seuss often comes off as crazy with his quirky style of poetry. As a child he engaged me with his play on rhythmic writing and imaginative illustration, and now continues to do so in my adulthood as I share his trippy tales with the baby beatniks.
'Mad' man or 'Rad' man if you dig deeper into his play on words you will discover some invaluable lessons in morality delivered in his stories. A viewing of the recently released Lorax film got me all warm and fuzzy and appreciative of his insightful take on the important things in life. Such as preserving our precious environment.
Penned many years ago the story of 'The Lorax' is forefront in it's validity today. 'The Onceler' character within the story derives from a shallow upbringing and carves a path of environmental destruction supported by thoughtless consumerism at a cost to the environment and the quality of life.
Seuss paints the ugly picture and outcome of a world fuelled by greed and disregard for the preservation of nature. An incredibly fitting message for the present world we dwell in today. Cheers to the unconventional Dr.Seuss for his much required prescription of environmental respect and planting the seed within our little ones minds to save the world one tree at a time!

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