Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Carnival is over......

What a week it's been! The week of MIFGS - The Melbourne International Garden and Flower Show. I tells ya I could of pitched a tent at the 'Carlton Gardens' they were looking so extra beautific! As a budding floral designer I decided to participate in the intermediate floral competition which involved styling a table for two. This task was to be completed within a 90 minute period adhering to a few conditions including no pre preparation of horticultural materials.
My self chosen theme was a 'British Afternoon Tea' styled in 'Industrial Vintage Chic'. Vintage props were collected, an industrial sculpture was designed and of course lots of lovely blooms were selected to arrange.
So many amazing displays were cleverly created within the gorgeous 'Royal Exhibition Building' and the best part was being able to view them all! The garden aspect of the show was also inspiring to look at, accompanied with the blessing of the fab sunny weather that lasted over the five day duration of the show. There are some truly talented designers out there in the horticultural world, and as a first timer I can picture many more years of MIFGS attending ahead, taking it all in. The carnival is over but the memory lives on and I have a stash of designing ideas tucked away in my mind to utilise. More pics of MIFGS delights to come!

'A British Afternoon Tea' styled in 'Industrial Vintage Chic'.
The industrial centrepiece was constructed out of recycled machinery parts. 

 Succulents and air plants (Tillandsia Butzii) were placed under wine glasses for a terrarium type effect. Then surrounded by wreaths of Dodda Vine.

Roses, Cymbidium Orchids, Dianthus, Rosehip, Chrysanthemums, Succulents, Lisianthus, Snapdragons, Hyacinth and Berzelia were all used within the vase arrangements. Spanish Moss was draped on the rear side of the sculpture.
Moss was adhered onto the interior of the letter 'E' with floral glue.

A panel of moss was attached to the industrial sculpture also with floral glue. 'Lambs Ear' was then wrapped around water vials containing 'Cymbidium Orchids' and wired to the piece. 
Tiny hand picked succulents were added to the spoons with a sticky clay type of product called 'Sure-Stik'.


  1. Wow Alicia, what a clever little possum you are! Your tea table looks fantastic. Well done.
    Seeya @ Waverley Antiques...
    PLB/Signature Style

    1. Pat thank you for your kind feedback lovely lady! Had a sticky at 'Signature Style' last Sun and have to say it's looking fab and you are also a clever possum! See u @ the warehouse :)

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  3. Alicia,
    Whaou it is lovely, great centre piece , i so regret i could not go to the show this year...